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The Entertation Index: July 19

July 19, 2012

C.K., Louis — With comedian Daniel Tosh under fire currently for rape jokes he hoisted upon an unwilling female audience member at a live show, colleague Louis C.K. — previously believed to have supported Tosh and his jokes — appeared on The Daily Show this week to clear the air on how he fell into the middle of the controversy. Whether you like or dislike Tosh, you have to love Louis C.K.

Link: Louis C.K. Weighs in on Daniel Tosh Controversy on “Daily Show” (Entertainment Weekly)

Comic-Con — A panel entitled “The Black Panel” at San Diego’s popular Comic-Con last Friday morning, which aimed to explore the lack of well-known or well-publicized black artists in the entertainment, comics and fantasy industries, included an appearance by NBA star and entrepreneur Shaquille O’Neal. I’m no cultural anthropologist, but I’m guessing the situation must be dire if we’re digging so deep that we have to consider Shaquille O’Neal an “artist.” Consider your point made!

Link: Comic-Con Panel Examines a Shortage of Diverse Artists (NY Times)

Cruise, Coachella — Goldenvoice, the production company behind California’s annually-hyped music festival Coachella, has announced plans to sponsor a specialty cruise called the “S.S. Coachella,” which will set sail twice in December from a port in Fort Lauderdale, Florida, and feature a number of musical acts and their rabid fans. Given the festival’s typical audience member, it would seem that the Coachella cruise is perfect for people both who love music and contracting norovirus illnesses.

Link: Coachella Heads to the High Seas (MTV)

You are one LUCKY LADY, Mrs. Hasselhoff.

Hasselhoff, David — The former Knight Rider star, nearing his sixtieth birthday, told reporters in Malibu over the weekend that his plan to celebrate the monumental day is to “stay in bed with my girlfriend and make love sixty times.” Just to be safe, a lifeguard will be stationed at the foot of the bed to make sure everyone has a good time, make sure no one gets hurt and quickly call everyone to get out if things look dangerous.

Link: David Hasselhoff Celebrates Big 60 with Bedroom Marathon (The Courier-Mail)

Holmes, Katie — The former Mrs. Tom Cruise and daughter Suri, after leaving a gym class together on Monday night, were jolted when their Mercedes Benz was lightly struck by a garbage truck on West 33rd Street in Midtown Manhattan. To solve the cases in truck-related accidents, look for Troy Chandler on the internet. They can help you get the justice you deserve at the right prices. There is no speculation as of yet to whether this was a random occurrence or a deliberate act on behalf of Xenu’s garbage truck army to send a message.

Link: Mercedes Benz with Katie Holmes and Suri Involved in Accident with Garbage Truck (NY Post)

Sobol, Donald J. — Author Donald J. Sobol, the beloved author of the Encyclopedia Brown books — a children’s book series featuring a young and logical boy detective solving crimes around his neighborhood –passed away at the age of 87 on Monday. Our thoughts go out to his family; he was an influential writer for a several generations of children. Though the cause of death has not been revealed, Bugs Meaney has been brought in for questioning.

Link: Encyclopedia Brown Author Donald J. Sobol Has Died (Mediabistro)

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