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The Entertation Index: July 23

July 23, 2012

Awards, Teen Choice – Millions of people under the legal drinking age watched Sunday night’s Teen Choice Awards, so People magazine helpfully offered a recipe for a non-alcoholic Acai Fizz “mocktail.”  Cute!  Now your kids can spike it with the vodka they know you hide at the back of the top shelf of the pantry.

Link: I’ll Drink to Selena Gomez (People)

Last night’s winner: Paul Mitchell

Bachelorette, The – If you didn’t see it, last night’s Bachelorette finale was one host Chris Harrison said would be “unpredictable and combustible.”  That, or he was describing the finalists’ hair.

Link: Bachelorette Finale (Digital Spy)

DeWyze, LeeAmerican Idol Season 9 champion DeWyze married model-actress Jonna Walsh this past weekend.  You probably (don’t) remember him as the one with all the ‘e’s in his name, and who everyone else, except everyone you know, voted for.

Link: DeWyze De-Bached (EW)

J, Ray – Kim Kardashian’s ex-boyfriend and sex tape co-star Ray J made fun of some of her relatively uplifting and introspective tweets that might actually speak to some of her acolytes.  Make fun if you will, Mr. J, but Kim Kardashian is known as “Multimillionaire For Whatever Reason Kim Kardashian,” and you are known, if at all, as “Brandy’s Brother and, Wait, Was He The Dude from Kim K’s Sex Tape?”

Link: Ray J Needles (Hollywood Life)

Sound, Laurie’s Planet of – An employee (or employees) of the High Fidelity Lincoln Square music store compiled a Do Not Never Ever Buy List for purchases from customers.  It’s possible that not a single customer wants a single record on that list, and it’s likely that what moves in your area differs from what moves in my area, but here’s a hint from a 16-year record store veteran, son of a respected and successful record store owner, and grandson and nephew of famous radio personalities: some people actually like music you think is shitty, and are willing to trade money (the stuff that keeps the doors open) for it!

Link: Does Jack Black Work There? (Chicagoist)

Steel, Man of – Now this is a reboot we can get behind.  In June 2013, director Zack Snyder will introduce his darker, Chris Nolanier version of the Superman story, which from the trailers looks like it has to be better than 2006’s Superman Returns.  Bring it home, Zack.

Link: Rekindling Kent (MTV)

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