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The Entertation Index: September 17

September 17, 2012

Boys, Backstreet – Old Navy featured the 90s boy band during a runway show during Fashion Week, and will showcase them in upcoming commercials.  Though some have asked if this is a step down for the formerly famous pop group, BSB is supposedly just glad to get a “gig” that doesn’t involve a rest-stop bathroom.

Link: BSB Back (Bloomberg)

Bynes, Amanda – After being arrested for smoking marijuana and illegal driving, Bynes has been exhibiting disturbing behaviors.  Neighbors report that she has been having long conversations with inanimate objects, but it turns out she was just talking to Audrina Patridge.

Link: Bynes In Trouble (TMZ)

De Palma, Brian – The famous director waxed philosophical about the era of filmmaking when directors had more leeway to make the movies they wanted and were considered the geniuses of film.  One assumes he was speaking of Brett Ratner and Tower Heist.

Link: De Palma Holds Court (CBS)

Somewhere, a gravestone wreath is missing.

Gaga, Lady – Known for her unconventional outfits, the “Born This Way” singer wore a crazy floral headdress that encompassed her whole face at London Fashion Week.  That, or she has been using the weirdest face cream ever invented.

Link: Gaga + Headdress (The Sun)

Haul, Box Office – Last weekend saw Resident Evil: Retribution win the box office, with supposedly Scientology-based The Master dominate in limited release.  One deals with occurrences of strange origin, cover-ups, intrigue, and manipulation.  The other involves zombies.

Link: Box Office Numbers (EW)

Kardashian, Kim – Though it may not still be there in a day or two, as of 7:56p ET on 9/16/12, People magazine’s “Top Story” online was “Kim Kardashian Takes Home Fluffy White Kitten.”  There is no hope.

Link: Kardashian’s New Pet (People)

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