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The Entertation Index: September 27

September 27, 2012

Armstrong, Billie Jo –– After his well-publicized on-stage hissy fit at Las Vegas’ iHeartRadio music festival this past weekend, Green Day frontman Billie Jo Armstrong has announced that he’s checking himself into rehab. When asked to comment, the general public shrugged and said “Look, we’ve seen a lot of Green Day over the last ten years. We could probably use a break from Green Day, too. So take your time. We’re good here.”

Link: Billie Jo Armstrong Rants in Las Vegas, Off to Rehab (LA Times)

Bride, The Princess — The majority of the cast of 1987’s romance classic The Princess Bride — including Billy Crystal, Cary Elwes, Robin Wright, Mandy Patinkin and Carol Kane — are set to reunite at the upcoming New York Film festival on the day the film is released on Blu-ray. The event should be perfect for die-hard fans who love the movie but have always wondered what the cast would look like as old people.

Link: The Princess Bride Cast to Reunite in NYC Next Month (Gothamist)

You’ve never known the delicate touch of a woman? Me neither!

Championship, European Beard and Moustache — Competitors from all over Europe have arrived in Wittendorf, France for the first-ever European Beard and Moustache Championship, which honors impressive facial hair and those who grow it. Of course, this attracts top beard oils and shampoo producers. It’s a big month for Wittendorf as plumbers from across the continent arrive next week for the European Clogged Hotel Shower Drain Championship.

Link: Beard and Moustache Championship Brings Hundreds of Competitors to France (CBC)

Cyrus, Miley — Pop star Miley Cyrus — and her new blonde hairdo — are slated to appear on an episode of CBS’ Two and a Half Men this coming season in a role that allegedly demands her to be in various bikinis and lingerie. Because we all know that the key to staying hip, edgy and relevant is guest-appearance on Two and a Half Men.

Link: Miley Cyrus Gets Seriously Sexy for “Two and a Half Men” (Popoholic)

Portman, Natalie — The Black Swan actress has revealed her latest look, unveiling herself as a dyed-blonde after a lifetime of brunetterie. As has already been established, we all know that this is just the logical and latest step in Portman’s road to re-invention. Next stop, Two and a Half Men! (See: Cyrus, Miley)

Link: Natalie Portman Goes Blonde (Yahoo!)

Turner, J.M.W. — Three artworks believed to have been painted by acclaimed British artist J.M.W. Turner were authenticated this week at the National Museum Wales after Turner experts deemed them to be the real deal, overturning previous assumptions that they were knock-offs. The three paintings — “Off Margate,” “Margate Jetty” and “The Beacon Light” — will return to exhibition on Friday. A fourth alleged Turner painting, “Kim Kardashian Rides a Stationary Bicycle,” was discounted as inauthentic and will remain off display.

Link: Three “Fake” J.M.W. Turner Paintings Authenticated (NY Times)

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