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StyleSheet: October 2012

September 28, 2012

We here at The Tweed know that you are very busy and important, and thus don’t have time to read all those silly style magazines. Yet you want to stay hip! So, we do the heavy lifting for you. Each month we read the glossy mags (for guys and girls), and round up the latest fashion trends. You’ll always be in style and you won’t have to flip through 3,000 Tommy Hilfiger ads.

Following the bloated September issue of the major style mags, the October editions seem scary-model-thin by comparison. Many of the Fall/Winter trends already outlined in September are repeated in the October issues, with a few different pretty pieces or a slight twist on the previous month’s recommendations. October 2012 is no different, though a few of the mags have thrown in some wacky new trends just to shake things up a bit. No one you know will actually wear them, but if they do, stop being friends with them immediately.


Brocade1. Brocade
So, this is happening. Head-to-toe brocade was featured on most of the major designers’ runways, so I suppose the “Grandma’s couch” look is officially hot. If you don’t want to look as if someone stole all your clothes in the middle of the night so you were forced to wear your curtains to work, maybe try it in one or two smaller pieces. Brocade is lovely on a heel, a purse, or some Victorian-inspired jewelry. Be careful with the print, though; very large prints can look cartoonish.

Leather2. Leather
Leather is another head-to-toe favorite for Fall 2012, but that much leather seems a little… I don’t know, dominatrixy for me? As much as I like it, I think all-over leather is too Hell’s Angels and not remotely office-appropriate. Although I absolutely abhor Kim Kardashian, she is looking pretty fierce in a pair of skinny jeans, some heels, a flowy shirt and a tight motorcycle jacket. Pick one leather piece and keep the rest of your outfit on the relaxed side.

Military3. Military
It’s amusing that most of the country LOVES military-inspired fashion but wouldn’t dream of actually, you know, joining the military. Why serve your country when you can just hop down to the mall and pick up a jaunty little number with epaulets and shiny buttons and shoulder pads? You’re stimulatin’ the economy! You’re doing your part! The classic peacoat, military-inspired boots, even dresses are getting the military treatment this Fall.

Oversized Coat4. Oversized Coats
Are you serious?
You can’t be serious.
You cannot seriously expect people to wear something like this.
I mean… I just…


Double-Breasted Suit1. The Double-Breasted Suit
The double-breasted suit falls in and out of favor seemingly every season, but it’s definitely back for Fall 2012. J.Crew, Calvin Klein, and Banana Republic feature some lovely (and affordable) options. You have to be on the trim side to rock it, so it’s not for everyone. But with the right body shape and impeccable tailoring, this suit can become an instant panty-dropper. I can’t even think of anything snarky to say about it. Just look at Denzel in his very fine suit. I mean… damn.

Deconstructed Black Tie2. Deconstructed Black Tie
If you have a fancy shindig to attend this fall, try mixing it up a bit by pairing your tux with a sleek leather motorcycle jacket rather than the standard tux jacket. Or maybe swap the bowtie for a lux skinny tie. Or rock some interesting shoes instead of the standard glossy black dress shoes. It’s still formal, still flattering, but makes you look a bit more like a badass. Come on, be honest, when was the last time you felt like a badass while wearing a tux?

Sneakers3. Sweet-Ass Kicks
To top off your ensemble this Fall, the latest accessory is a pair of some sweet-ass sneakers. Lots of companies are stepping up their shoe-game, but Vans has an especially impressive line of fancy sneaks. Pair them with a slim-fitted suit, or jeans and a blazer, so that you don’t look like a teenager. Or go old-school and buy a pair of white Converse to decorate with a Sharpie. Your street cred will be guaranteed… at least until Spring, when this trend will fade and you’ll look like an idiot.

Be sure to check back every month so you won’t walk out of the house looking like a fashion trainwreck!

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