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The Entertation Index: October 8

October 8, 2012

Bachelor, The – Ben Flajnik and Bachelor “winner” Courtney Robertson have reportedly split up.  If a couple who got together on a reality show that competes for true love and media exposure can’t make it, what chance do the rest of us have?

Link: Bachelor Couple Splits (People)

Cohen, Sacha Baron – The Borat actor has signed on with Paramount pictures to develop The Lesbian. Based on a real-life event, it would tell the story of Cecil Chao, a Hong Kong billionaire who offered $65 million to any man who could marry his lesbian daughter.  If the movie fails, Cohen and Paramount will try to convince themselves that it just hadn’t met the right audience yet.

Link: Cohen to Make Lesbian (Variety)

Hamill, Mark – The actor best known as Luke Skywalker weighed in on the upcoming presidential election, tweeting “I’ve never seen a candidate for president lie more than Romney.  He lies effortlessly, shamelessly. This snake oil salesman must be defeated!!!”  Romney responded that he found Hamill’s lack of faith…disturbing.

Link: Hamill On Romney (NewsBusters)

Hogan, Hulk – A porn company has offered the famous wrestler an “open checkbook” to publish his purported sex tape.  It supposedly shows the, um, Hulkster, um, going limp a few times but then drawing energy from his audience, rising again, and pinning his opponent to the mat.

Link: Hulk’s Tape (TMZ)

This feud can end only with eye lasers.

Idol, AmericanAI produces are denying the existence of an increasingly nasty feud between judges Mariah Carey and Nicki Minaj, calling the reports “inaccurate.”  This statement might be intended to turn the temperature down, or perhaps to avoid angering Minaj, who appears to be an irradiated mutant with superpowers.

Link: Carey v. Minaj? (Huffington Post)

Romney, Mitt – After Romney mentioned eliminating federal funding to PBS, which airs beloved children’s show Sesame Street, 8-year-old Cecelia Crawford wrote to him, “When I grow up, I’m going to get married and I want my kids to watch it so do not cut it off. You find something else to cut off!”  So…many…jokes…

Link: Romney Petitioned (Gawker)

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