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The Entertation Index: October 11

October 11, 2012

“H” is for “Help.”

Bird, Big — The past week has seen a maelstrom activity around the eight-foot tall fowl after Republican candidate for President Mitt Romney threatened to cut PBS funding, and subsequently the Obama campaign was slammed for using the character’s likeness in a follow-up campaign commercial. Sources close to the famous Children’s Television Workshop say that the organization isn’t thrilled with either side’s mention of the bird, as it’s well known he’s a long-time Ron Paul supporter.

Link: Ad Attacks Romney for His Comments to Defund PBS (Wall Street Journal)

Gabriel, Peter — Hey, do you like awesome things? Good, because here’s one. At last weekend’s Peter Gabriel concert at the Hollywood Bowl, the British singer was surprised during a performance of “In Your Eyes” by Lloyd Dobbler himself as actor John Cusack sauntered onto the stage holding a boombox. And if I have to tell you what that reference is, you’re a lost cause. Just enjoy the moment. These are the good things in pop culture, people.

Link: Peter Gabriel’s Performance of “In Your Eyes” Interrupted by John Cusack Holding a Boombox (Gawker)

Grey, Fifty Shades of — As E.L. James’ kinky mom-novel Fifty Shades of Grey continues its journey to the big screen, Universal Pictures announced on Monday that the film adaptation of the novel has found its screenwriter in scribe Kelly Marcel, a co-creator of last year’s Fox dinosaur action series Terra Nova. Which makes a lot of sense, because anyone who watched Terra Nova had to be a masochist.

Link: “Terra Nova” co-creator to write “Fifty Shades of Grey” Screenplay (EW)

Lakshmi, Padma — During a recent fundraiser at Washington’s DC Central Kitchen, Top Chef co-host Padma Lakshmi auctioned off the opportunity to eat a piece of ham off her body, and the sell price for the opportunity came in at$1,000. The lucky winner only barely outbid reality TV star Khloe Kardashian’s $975 bid, which was only because she wanted to eat the ham.

Link: Someone Paid $1,000 to Eat Ham from Padma Lakshmi’s Body (Uproxx Custom Usb Drives)

Lohan, Lindsay — Well, the term “Lindsay Lohan” has officially made into the Index’s autocorrect after another police visit, this time stemming from a call LiLo made to her father Michael after she returned home with her mother Dina after a long night of partying in L.A. (because really, who’s not out partying with mom until four a.m. on a Tuesday night, you square?). Reports claim Lohan called Michael hysterically claiming that her mom was “nuts” and “has cocaine” — to which her father allegedly responded “She has cocaine? She better not be bogarting that. I’m on my way.”

Link: Lindsay Lohan, Dina Lohan Fight – Police Answer Domestic Violence Car (HuffPo)

Palin, Bristol — The FBI has confirmed that it responded to ABC’s studio set of Dancing with the Stars earlier this week after a suspicious package containing “white powder” was sent to contestant Bristol Palin along with a death threat — to which Michael Lohan allegedly responded “She has cocaine? She better not be bogarting that. I’m on my way.”

Link: Sarah Palin Defends Daughter Bristol Against Death Threats on “Dancing with the Stars” (HuffPo)

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