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The Entertation Index: October 15

October 15, 2012

Bachelorette, The – After we reported on the reporting of the split between The Bachelor couple Ben Flajnik and Courtney Robertson, The Bachelorette couple Emily Maynard and Jef Holm appear to have ended their relationship as well.  This is it, folks.  It’s obvious from the failure of these two rock-solid unions, founded on long-time friendship, mutual love and respect, and a determination to stick it out through periods of both low- and high-media saturation, that the institution of marriage just doesn’t work anymore.

Link: Bachelorette Couple Splits (People)

Boo Boo, Honey – From friends and family who say the show is actually a (relatively) accurate and non-exploitative portrayal, to the story of Ms. Boo Boo’s out and proud Uncle Poodle, is Here Comes Honey Boo Boo worth checking out?  Please let us know below because we can’t watch everything.

Link: Progressive Boo Boo? (Perez Hilton)

5, Terminator – The sequel to the sequel to the sequel to the sequel of Terminator is on hold due to lack of a workable script, among other things.  After the disaster that was Terminator Salvation, we ask you to take as much time as you need to put together a script that doesn’t involve a cute-mute little kid, a shitty plot-line with subplot “twists” as predictable as the tides, and a heart transplant treated like a field dressing.

Link: T5 On Hold (Moviehole)

“I am dating Demi Lovato.” Your move, Demi.

Lovato, Demi X Factor judge Lovato is denying rumors that she is dating One Direction member Niall Horan.  OK people, if you want your name in the news, just start a rumor that you’re dating Demi Lovato, and she’ll have to issue a press release that she’s not dating you.

Link: Lovato Denial (Us Magazine)

Neeson, Liam and James, Kevin – Huffington Post explores the connections between the careers of comedy actor James and currently action-star actor Neeson.  We’ll boil it down: Neeson is great at awesomely beating the shit out of people and/or wolves, and James is awesome at…well, beats the shit out of me.

Link: Neeson & James (Huffington Post)

Octomom – A couple of Nadya Suleman’s former nannies reported her to child services because of the heinous act of “barricade[ing] her kids in their room so she could take a nap.”  The mother of 14 has also supposedly been accused of asking her children to clean up after themselves, requesting that they not hit each other, and raising her voice while asking them to quiet down so she could hear herself think.

Link: Octomom Accused (TMZ)

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