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Estranged Brew Review: Bud Light Lime’s Lime-A-Rita

October 30, 2012
Is Budweiser's Lime-A-Rita any good?

“Is Lime-A-Rita any good? What am I doing with my life?” Jay sobbingly inquires. Photo by J.St.O

Quaffable in question

Fine print:

  • Anheuser-Busch, sub-brand Bud Light Lime,
  • Flavored ale: “malt beverage with natural flavors and caramel color added”
  • 1 pint, 8 fluid ounces
  • 8% ABV
  • Tag line: “Margarita with a twist”

On the first swig, I thought: hey, it’s not so bad; it captures the spirit of a margarita, down to the spicy bite of tequila. As Bud advises on the can, add ice and a salt-rimed margarita glass and you got yourself a mostly passable substitute. Mostly.


After six or so sips, it all goes downhill from there. I found myself thinking of that time I got plumb fuckered on Shopper’s Village tequila years ago. At least I had thirty-two more ABV percentage points to earn that soul-crushing hangover. Plus, after that long-ago bevvy session, I decorated my roommate’s bunk with my lady-friend’s undergarments while he slept the sleep of beer. All I got for my present-day efforts was a shitty sugar high, with no reward (as Jack Donaghy says it) in blurry sight. Oh yeah: Lime-A-Rita gave me the sour-belly pronto.


Don’t waste away in Lime-A-Ritaville (I’m more of a “passed-out-flat-on-my-ass-in-Pina- Coladaburg” type). Okay in small doses, but no Lovely Rita. Like that lady-friend, sweet, but cloying after a while. Like that roommate, decent for hanging your company’s panties on, but don’t think that he’ll notice afterward.

Grab a real margarita, cocktail, beer, or what-have-you, but pass on Lime-A-Rita.

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