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The Entertation Index: November 1

November 1, 2012

Dawn, Breaking Twilight movie saga hearththrob Taylor Lautner stopped by The Tonight Show with Jay Leno this week to talk about the final film of the series, the second part of Breaking Dawn, and confirmed that there would be a “twist” at the end of the tween movie. Spoiler alert! That “twist” is that after you’ve watched the film, you look in your wallet and realize you’re suddenly sixty dollars poorer than you were in 2008 with virtually nothing to show for it.

Link: Taylor Lautner Promises a Surprise “Twist” Ending for Final Twilight Film (HuffPo)

Ke$ha — As the “Tik Tok” diva preps her next album “Warrior” for the public, she told reporters that working with ex-Stooges frontman Iggy Pop on a track was “the best day of her life.” Sources close to the singer can confirm this, though they say it only narrowly beat out the day that Southern Comfort truck overturned in front of the singer’s house and “that magical night down at the wharf during Fleet Week.”

Link: The Best Day of Ke$ha’s Life (HuffPo)

Not poor.

Lucasfilm — This week saw a transaction which chilled Star Wars fanboys to the very bone: George Lucas sold Lucasfilm and its properties to Disney, who announced that more films would be on the way. While Disney reps say that while the company is excited to finally have the side project of Lucas’ Star Wars empire, the company’s main motivation all alone was simply to garner the rights to the American Grafitti franchise.

Link: Disney to Acquire Lucasfiilm for $4.05 Billion (LA Times)

Novel Writing Month, National — In case you were unaware, November 1 marks the start of National Novel Writing Month, in which aspiring authors are charged to complete a 50,000 word rough draft of a novel by midnight on December 1. So if you have that novel in you that you’ve been dying to write, now’s the time to get it finished. And if you don’t, you could always just write some fan fiction of the Sookie Stackhouse novels for children, like Stephenie Meyer did with Twilight, or some bondage-centric fan fiction of Twilight for lonely moms, like E.L. James, and become an instant zillionaire. See? Writing is easy!

Link: National Novel Writing Month (Official Site)

Sandy, Hurricane — Okay, so we’re cheating here; the official name for Sandy is “Megastorm,” “Superstorm,” “Stormageddon” or any number of names assigned to the non-quite-hurricane strength Sandy which struck the coasts of New York and New Jersey earlier this week. The good news is that power is slowly being restored and that chaos is being thankfully kept at a minimum; the bad news is that if home mortgages were underwater before, now they’re really underwater. (h/t to Matt Shorr).

Hurricane Sandy by the Numbers (Washington Post)

Thriller — Sure, Halloween was yesterday; but that doesn’t diminish the fact that this shot-by-shot reimagining of Michael Jackson’s classic “Thriller” done completely in legos is the greatest thing you’ll see all day. Enjoy.

Link: Michael Jackson’s “Thriller” Tribute in LEGO (YouTube)


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