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The Entertation Index: November 8

November 8, 2012

Boys, Backstreet – The resurgent-ish boy band has released their new holiday single, “It’s Christmas Time Again.”  Reader poll: what’s worse, that BSB are still making music, that BSB are still making Christmas music, or that said Christmas music is being released in early November?

Link: BSB Back For Christmas (MTV)

Fisher, Carrie – With news that Disney may make Star Wars: Episodes VII-XI, Fisher indicated that she would be interested in reprising her role as Princess Leia.  The trilogy is said to feature Mark Hamill as aging Jedi Luke Skywalker with rheumatoid arthritis, Harrison Ford as washed-up smuggler Han Solo running ‘shine, and Fisher as demented royal Leia who tries to eat her hair because it is in “buns.”

Link: Fisher Open to More Star Wars (TMZ)

Happenings, Important – Folks, something very important happened on Tuesday, November 6, 2012.  Yes, The Brown Tweed Society celebrated the 3-Year, 6-Month, 9-Dayth Anniversary of its first post (it’s OK to cry).  Four more years!  Four more years!

Link: TBTS Turns 3.5.Something (The Brown Tweed Society)

Lautner, Taylor – When asked what qualities are important to him in a relationship, the Twilight heartthrob said, “Honesty and loyalty are key.”  He may then have added, “Oh, money and a great rack are good, too.”

Link: Lautner’s Relationship Requirements (People)

Sawyer, Diane – The internet is abuzz (ha!) with speculation that ABC’s TV anchorwoman was drunk during her election coverage.  When asked if she had knocked back a few before going live, Sawyer reportedly said, “Oh my God, was that last night?  Did I say anything stupid?”

Link: Sawyer Smashed? (Gawker)

It could be worse.

Spears, Britney – People who care about red carpet etiquette say that Spears breaks it frequently when she chews gum.  Her handlers say that they have to give her gum, though, because otherwise it would be a turkey leg.

Link: Spears’ Spearmint (Huffington Post)

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