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StyleSheet: December 2012

November 30, 2012

We here at The Tweed know that you are very busy and important, and thus don’t have time to read all those silly style magazines. Yet you want to stay hip! So, we do the heavy lifting for you. Each month we read the glossy mags (for guys and girls), and round up the latest fashion trends. You’ll always be in style and you won’t have to flip through 3,000 Tommy Hilfiger ads.

December 2012 is all about the holiday party. Cocktail dresses, glitzy accessories, goldgoldgold… The December issue of the major style mags seems to be the one time of the year when they can forget about the runway shows, the trends, the officewear, and just focus on the fun stuff. Below is a round-up of what your friends will be wearing on New Year’s Eve.


Hologram1. Hologram
It might seem like designers are bringing the 80s back… and, well, they are. It’s been 25 years but the shiny, semi-futuristic sheen of a hologram print is back with a vengeance. This time it’s more tailored, more ladylike. Pick one piece per outfit, like this lovely Jonathan Saunders skirt — you don’t want to look like an extra from Star Trek: The Next Generation. And this is definitely an evening look. Don’t be rockin’ these heels in the office.

Silver2. Silver
Last month we mentioned that gold seemed to be popping up everywhere in anticipation of the holiday party season. Not to be outdone, silver is making its presence known this month, and not just in accessories. If, like me, gold isn’t really your thing, try a stunning silver party dress, some skinny silver pants, or keep it simple with a silver sequined shirt. Keep the rest of your outfit sedated; you don’t need a lot of extra bling when you’re wearing metallics.

Nails3. Nail Bling
Nail art has gone 3D and very, very upscale. No longer content with a simple manicure, fashionistas are turning to more textured designs to take their nail from ordinary to extraordinary. Start with a rich color, add metallic accents like beads or miniature jewels. Or pick up a pack of jeweled overlays like the Nail Lingerie collection from L’Oreal. For those with more glamorous tastes, try to Louboutin Manicure made famous by Adele at this year’s Grammys.


Puffer Jacket1. Puffer Jackets
Stylish coats are a fall/winter essential, since that’s what you’ll probably be wearing most of the time. The puffer jacket is making a comeback this year, and no one does it better than Moncler. The quality will cost you; if you’re looking for something a little cheaper, check out American Eagle or even Target for some more affordable options. Black is the classic, but consider branching out with some more colorful options.

Leather Boots2. Leather Boots
Leather boots are a wardrobe staple — if you don’t own a nice pair (or two!), go out and buy some immediately. They’re so versatile, they can be worn with nearly anything: jeans, dress pants, cargo shorts (depending on the boot). They’re also quite handy in the winter for keeping your feet toasty and dry. Look for waterproof styles (or those that can be made waterproof). A warm lining is a bonus. Consider buying a pair in black and brown for ultimate versatility.

Turtleneck3. Turtlenecks
According to Esquire, every man should be wearing turtlenecks, and the more colors, the better. This strikes me as a little… odd. Now, a turtleneck can look great on the right guy, styled the right way. But this is not an easy look to pull off. It can very easily veer into Steve Jobs territory, or make you look like your grandpa at Christmas. If you’re going to give this look a try, keep it fitted, avoid bright colors, and layer it under something sleek, like a blazer or trench.

Be sure to check back every month so you won’t walk out of the house looking like a fashion trainwreck!

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  1. December 3, 2012 11:08 am

    holographic trend, my fav!!


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