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Staging Cannibalism: The Clyde Fitch Report

January 11, 2013

The Brown Tweed Society is pleased to host Laura Axelrod, Contributor with The Clyde Fitch Report, which routinely weighs in with news from the New York theater scene and ongoing arts issues.

Otty-James-ComtoisAs it turns out, staging cannibalism in theater may not be as difficult as you think. James Comtois, New York playwright and co-founder of Nosedive Productions, thinks scenes of blood, terror and gore can actually be a fun challenge for theatermakers and audiences.

Since 2006, Comtois and co-founder Pete Boisvert have produced “The Blood Brothers Presents,” a collection of short, original horror plays.

“This is a not-for-children, adults-only collection of horror. Not the flashlight under the chin by the campfire doing spooky-time stories. This is definitely a lot more adult-themed stuff,” he says.

“We’ve gotten some nice, decent houses. There are a few folks we see every year… You can gather a pretty decent crowd of people who are looking for something gross and depraved for the stage.”

Boisvert and company member Patrick Shearer host the show annually. Each short play is usually based on true crime stories. Perhaps their most successful show was “The Blood Brothers Present… The Master of Horror” in 2008. That year, the group received permission from author Stephen King to adapt some of his stories for the stage.

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