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The Entertation Index: January 21

January 21, 2013

Batmobile, The – The original Batmobile recently sold to an Arizona businessman for $4.2 million, or $1 for every lazy headline that will use either an onomatopoeic action word or a “Holy _____, Batman!”

Link: Batmobile Sold (The Guardian)

Bieber, Justin – The pop star mooned his camera, posted the picture to Instagram, and got 86,000 likes before it was deleted.  All 86,000 people are now being brought up on child pornography charges.

Link: Bieber Butt (Access Hollywood)

Are you SURE it didn't work?

Are you SURE it didn’t work?

Cera, Michael – The adorable Cera said he and Crystal Fairy cast mates boiled a cactus and drank the concoction to experience the mescaline high they would be filming, but that “it didn’t work…everyone was fine and nobody felt anything.”  It’s OK, Michael.  We’re not your parents.  You can be honest with us.

Link: Cera Tries Drugs (Huffington Post)

Gaga, Lady – Lady Gaga—yes, controversy-magnet Gaga of meat dress fame—will reportedly perform at the Presidential Inauguration’s usually-private staff ball.  It looks like after winning a second term, President Obama is officially in “I don’t give a fuck” mode.

Link: Gaga at Inaugural Ball (ABC News)

Hogan, Linda – Hulk Hogan’s ex was recently arrested for a DUI, but said she only had one glass of champagne.  Hogan failed to mention that the one glass was a punch bowl.

Link: Hogan DUI (TMZ)

Radcliffe, Daniel – Harry Potter has shocked some fans with his gay sex scenes in Kill Your Darlings, fueling rumors that Radcliffe may be homosexual.  The portrayal of characters who may behave differently from the actor is known as “acting,” and it may shock those same people to know that Daniel Radcliffe is not actually a wizard.

Link: Radcliffe Not As Harry Potter (MTV)

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