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StyleSheet: February 2013

February 1, 2013

We here at The Tweed know that you are very busy and important, and thus don’t have time to read all those silly style magazines. Yet you want to stay hip! So, we do the heavy lifting for you. Each month we read the glossy mags (for guys and girls), and round up the latest fashion trends. You’ll always be in style and you won’t have to flip through 3,000 Tommy Hilfiger ads.

It’s February, which means the major style mags have decided to fully ignore Winter and start planning for Spring, at least where women’s fashion is concerned (guy mags still feature stylish coats and scarves, but whatevs). I get that the Spring/Summer runway shows have just taken place, but come on people. It’s freezing outside! Snow is literally falling outside as I type this! But for those of you whose only comfort in these frigid times is the thought of short pants and beach vacays, check out what the style mags have in store for you this month.


Pink1. Pink!
Pink, though it never really falls out of favor, is already set to be the color du jour for 2013. Neon pink, hot pink, ballerina-slipper pink… you will not be able to escape the color this year. Pink is not my favorite, and there is very little of it in my wardrobe, but the great thing about pink is that there is such a variety of shades to choose from. Pick your favorite and snap up a few new piece. It’ll breath a little bit of life into your wardrobe and make you feel that much closer to Spring.

Mod2. Mod
The 50s and 60s Mod Squad style is back with some beautiful graphic prints for S/S 2013. Short A-line skirts, boxy bags and heels, bouffant hair. It’s time to embrace your inner Twiggy and show off those legs! You can go full-on 60s throwback with a short dress, clunky heels and chic sunglasses, or keep it simple with black and white pieces paired with more modern styles to avoid looking too costumey. Vespa optional.

Aqua Eyes3. Colorful Eye Makeup
It’s interesting to watch the transition of trends from season to season. The F/W runways featured beautiful peacock-inspired eye makeup, while the S/S runways have transitioned to a more toned-down, more wearable version. A little pop of color around the eyes is a lovely yet daring way to make your makeup stand out and getting your eyebrows done by Avant Microblading. Try a brightly-colored eyeliner, or just a little eye shadow around the lashes, to achieve this Spring look.

Envelope Skirt4. The Envelope Skirt
F/W 2012 was dominated by the pencil skirt, so it’s no surprise to see something a little more edgy for S/S 2013. The envelope skirt — a more defined take on the classic wrap skirt — will become your go-to skirt this Spring. It’s a little daring while still being office appropriate even more for people who work in a class A office space. Dress it up with loads of sparkly bangles and some killer heels, or dress it down with sweet ballet flats and a fitted T-shirt. Either way, pick a solid, bold color and make this skirt the focal point of your outfit.


Red Trench1. A Bold Trench
The guy mags seem to understand that it’s still Winter out there for most of us, and that we’re all probably bored of our black overcoats by now. A bold trench, like Ne-Yo’s red one, is a great way to shake up your Winter wardrobe while staying comfy and warm. Keep the cut classic, and you can go as crazy with the color as you want — red, blue, yellow, neon green. The sky’s the limit! Just be sure to keep the rest of your outfit subdued to avoid looking like a clown. Or Kanye.

Dress Chinos2. Anything But Jeans
Winter is a good time to break out of your fashion rut. It’s easy to throw on jeans days after day, but why not experiment with some dress chinos, maybe even in a bold color? Bright shades are an easy way to change things up, and there are lots of options available. Keep it casual with some cool sneaks and a neutral top, like a relaxed button-down or plain sweater. Or go super-trendy by pairing your bright bottoms with a blazer and skinny tie for the office.

Plaid Shirt3. A Plaid Button-Down
For those of you stuck in a suit for most of the week, change up your look by changing up your shirt. Pops of color under a gray, black or navy suit bring interest and individuality to your outfit. The newest way to achieve this is with a fitted plaid. This is not the grungy shirt of your Nirvana-listening days. Plaid shirts have gone high-brow, with improved quality and nice detailing. Match with a solid tie in the same palette, and maybe add a complementary pocket square if you’re feeling kicky.

Be sure to check back every month so you won’t walk out of the house looking like a fashion trainwreck!

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