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The Entertation Index: February 7

February 7, 2013

Lake, Ricki — It was announced earlier this week that talk show host and once-proclaimed “America’s Girlfriend” Ricki Lake’s  The Ricki Lake Show has been cancelled by the television division of Twentieth Century Fox. And this concludes today’s “news you thought happened in 1997.”

Link: The Ricki Lake Show Canceled (Hollywood Reporter)

Live, Saturday Night — This past week the website Government Attic published a list of complaints to NBC Universal from viewers concerning Saturday Night Live including a request that “Jamie Foxx be removed from society” after joking about killing white people and a complaint from a viewer disturbed by a Yeti having sex with a man. Enjoy reading what riles your friends and neighbors, everyone!

Link: Informal Complaints Received by the Federal Communications Commission Regarding the Television Show “Saturday Night Live” (Government Attic)

Lively, Blake — Newlywed Blake Lively, only recently married to her Green Lantern co-star Ryan Reynolds this past September, gushed her fandom to the press after Sunday’s Super Bowl halftime show about headliner Beyoncé — quipping that “I want Beyoncé to be the mother of my children.” Upon hearing the news, Reynolds responded “Seriously? I’m totally cool with that. You know, if you’re serious. Were you serious? Just let me know if you were serious or not, because I’m down with that, seriously.”

Link: Blake Lively’s Beyonce Obsession – “I Just Want Her to be the Mother of My Children” (HuffPo)

imagesPicasso, Pablo — Sotheby’s auction house in London sold artist Pablo Picasso’s work “Femme Assise Près d’une Fenêtre” — supposedly a painting of his lover Thérèse Walter — for $44.8 million dollars to an anonymous buyer. The 1932 painting has been much better received by the art world than it reportedly was by Walter, whose realization of what her boyfriend thinks she looks like caused some problems at the Picasso house.

Link: Picasso Fetches $448.8 Million at Auction (NY Times)

Tonik — An 0dd-looking poodle Shih-Tzu mix with a distinctly humanoid face has made news recently after he was rescued from a kill shelter in Kentucky, groomed, and put up for adoption to interested would-be owners. In related news, Jersey Shore’s Deena Cortese — a human with a dog face — still goes unclaimed at a facility for MTV castoffs.

Link: Dog with “Human Face” Looking for Human Dog-Lovers to Take Him Home (Gawker)

Travolta, John — The Broken Arrow star is back in the news after a worker aboard a Royal Caribbean cruise liner accused the actor of requesting a neck massage and then exposing his nude erection to the employee. Travolta’s legal team is already hard at work discounting the accuser, defending Travolta as simply misunderstanding a question asked by the employee about Travolta’s Swordfish.

Link: Sailor Claims He Saw Travolta’s Penis (Tonight News)

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