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The Entertation Index: February 25

February 25, 2013

Fails, Pinterest – I still don’t really get what Pinterest is, but these made me laugh until I cried a little.

Link: Pinterest Fails (Bored Panda)

Gaga, Lady – After cancelling shows due to a performance injury, Gaga is recovering from the same hip surgery NY Yankee Alex Rodriguez had.  Unlike Rodriguez, illegal drugs are encouraged in order to enhance Lady Gaga’s performances.

Link: Gaga Has Surgery (NY Post)

Kardashian, Kim – To guard her privacy a little better (?!), Kim now denies some autograph seekers, saying that her boyfriend Kanye West won’t let her sign.  Damn, Kim.  Kanye has a big-enough image problem without you blaming him for crap you don’t want to do in the first place.

Link: Kanye Keeps Kim on Autograph Leash? (Newser)

Newton, Wayne – The Las Vegas crooner’s Sin City estate has been put up for sale under uncertain circumstances.  Industry experts speculate, though, that the sale proceeds will be enough to keep his corpse reanimated for another year or so.

Link: Newton Estate for Sale (Huffington Post)

Tyler, Steven – The Aerosmith frontman and half of the Toxic Twins estimates that his drug habit has cost him $5 million or so, or as he puts it, “[y]ou also could say I snorted half of Peru…”  In all fairness, Peru is smaller than Alaska, which makes that feat less impressive.

Link: Tyler’s Habit (Global Grind)

No one wins this game of "Who'd You Rather?"

No one wins this game of “Who’d You Rather?”

Vandereyk, Kara – A notably not-from-Kentucky woman was arrested for allegedly having sex with a pit bull terrier last week.  Several people misread the headlines as Ms. Vandereyk having sex with singer Pitbull, which would have been way grosser.

Link: Sex with Pit Bull (The Sun)

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