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The Entertation Index: March 11

March 11, 2013
Might not have the same appeal.

Might not have the same appeal.

III, Clerks – Director Kevin Smith has started writing Clerks III, saying that it will be “the best film I’ll ever make.”  The setting may have to be somewhere other than a video store.

Link: Clerks III in the Pipeline? (EW)

Bieber, Justin – The pop singer had an interesting week in London: scuffling with paparazzi, showing up 2 hours late to a concert, and suffering from an undisclosed health issue.  Bieber said that his last show went really well, though he was still short of breath.  How anyone would notice is still a mystery.

Link: Bieber’s Breath (People)

Brown, Chris – While partying in Hollywood last week, Brown took to the stage to rant about what to say to a woman to keep her faithful (NSFW).  We don’t know how he does it, but every week Chris Brown finds some way to be a bigger asshole.

Link: Brown Rants (TMZ)

Followill, Jared – Kings of Leon bassist Followill tweeted that he was essentially too drunk to work on the band’s next album, but it was a joke.  Not funny, Jared.  You got our hopes up.

Link: KoL Not Drunk Enough (Huffington Post)

Gomez, Selena – The Spring Breakers star reveals that as a young girl, she helped her dad pick up waitresses at Hooters after her parents’ divorce by simply sitting with him and being cute.  A whole lot of uncles just became interested in taking their 7-year-old nieces to lunch with them.

Link: Gomez the Wing-Man (The Sun)

Phoenix, River – Twenty years after the actor died of an overdose, his final film, Dark Blood, was screened at the Berlin Film Festival, just in time for people to say “Oh! Now…who was he again?”

Link: Phoenix’s Final Film (Telegraph)

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