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The Entertation Index: March 21

March 21, 2013

Producer Karl Rove says he just doesn’t see the resemblance.

Bible, The – History Channel’s The Bible has drawn criticism due to the purported resemblance of the character Satan to President Obama.  The show’s co-writers Sarah Palin and Sean Hannity have denied any intentional likeness.

Link: Satan = Obama? (Fox)

Bowie, David – The vaunted rocker has made headlines for topping UK charts for the first time in two decades with an album of new songs.  TMZ was all over it until they realized that the headline wasn’t “Bowie climbs atop UK tarts.”

Link: Bowie Back on Top (Reuters)

Cameron, James – The Terminator director tells the NY Times that he has basically abandoned outside film production, and is focused solely on his Avatar series.  “I’m not interested in developing anything.  I’m in the Avatar business.”  That’s the best description of Avatar we’ve ever heard.

Link: Cameron On Avatar (NY Times)

Rihanna – The “Umbrella” singer’s 10-bus caravan was stopped at the U.S.-Canada border after agents supposedly detected an odor of marijuana.  Drug dogs found only a small amount of marijuana on one man on one bus, and a civil citation was issued.  If that’s really all they found on 10 buses belonging to one of the world’s top pop/hip-hop/R&B stars, the crew ought to be rewarded, not cited.

Link: Rihanna’s Buses Stopped (NY Daily News)

$hort, Too – Cusswords were probably rolling when rapper Too $hort was arrested for what he thought was a DUI, but turned out to be a narcotics possession charge after law enforcement said he “dumped drugs in the backseat.”  Note to future narcotics possessors: dumping drugs from your hands into the backseat does not get you out of a possession charge.

Link: Too $hort Busted (TMZ)

Wayne, Lil – The rapper has had several high-profile celebrities visit him in the hospital after he was admitted recently for seizures.  Nicki Minaj, Chris Paul, Birdman, and Drake have all been to see Weezy and bring him well-wishes.  Doctors still do not know what caused the seizures, but blunt-force trauma is suspected.

Link: Wayne Recovering (Huffington Post)

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