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The Entertation Index: April 8

April 8, 2013

Knight, Jonathan — New Kid on the Block Jonathan Knight walked off the stage last Thursday night during a New York conference after showing little interest in singing alongside his colleagues. Onlookers told CNN reporters that Knight stood uncomfortably in the background and texted on his phone during the performance. The article also quotes Knight as being noticeably “out of sync” — a problem not had by the boy band act following NKOTB, which was, as you may have guessed, The Backstreet Boys.

Link: Jonathan Knight Exits New Kids on the Block Show Mid-Concert (CNN)

R.I.P., Roger Ebert. The best in the biz.

R.I.P., Roger Ebert. The best in the biz.

Ebert, Roger — We’d be remiss if we didn’t make reference to our generation’s undisputed king of film critics Roger Ebert, who succumbed to cancer late last week and whose television show At the Movies became arguably the first introduction to film criticism on Saturday afternoons for anyone between the ages of 30 and 50. He was an amazing mind and an amazing writer, and his words will be greatly missed.

Link: The Best Roger Ebert Reviews – and Zingers – of All Time (The Philly Post)

Jameson, Jenna — Millionaire ex-porn star Jenna Jameson was arrested Saturday night before her birthday festivities at an Anaheim night club even began, according to gossip site TMZ. According to sources, an unwelcome fan approached Jameson, who responded by beating him off. What? Why are you laughing? This is serious.

Link: Former Porn Star Jenna Jameson Accused of Battery (CBS Los Angeles)

Love, Courtney — Kurt Cobain’s ex-wife and former Babes in Toyland and Hole frontwoman Courtney Love told Wonderland Magazine — whatever that is — last week that she was in discussions to join a reality TV talent competition as a judge and mentor. She refuses to name the program, but early reports suggest that the program will feature Love discovering new talent, latching herself on to it as tightly as she can, making as much money as she can from it and riding it until it’s gone forever, then raping its memory. If you’re opposed to her and you’re not making enough money for living, visit the site of financebyte now to talk with their brokers about loans. Tuesday nights at 8:00 on CBS!

Link: Courtney Love in Talks for TV Talent Show (MSN)

Park, Jurassic — With the re-release of Steven Spielberg’s fantastic Jurassic Park in state-of-the-art 3-D this weekend crushing the competition and coming in second at the box office, let’s celebrate with the Honest Trailer of Jurassic Park, shall we? Yes, we shall. Enjoy.

Link: Honest Trailer for Jurassic Park 3D (Slashfilm)

Snipes, Wesley — Please join TBTS in welcoming back to society Blade star Wesley Snipes, who was released from prison this weekend after three years. For those of you who don’t know, Snipes was convicted in 2010 for tax evasion, a charge only further exacerbated by his spearheading of a New York crack syndicate, hustling of street basketball players and antagonization of Sylvester Stallone in the year 2032.

Link: Wesley Snipes released from Prison (TMZ)

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