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Estranged Brew Review: Big Flats 1901 Premium American Lager

April 23, 2013

Quaffable in questionBig Flats 1901

Fine print:

  • Hop House Brews Co., Lacrosse, VT, and Rochester, NY (not-so-secret identity: a Walgreens branded beer brewed by the “good” folks at the Genessee Brewing Company. Yes, that Genessee.)
  • Style: American Pale Lager Beer
  • 12 fl. oz.
  • 4.5% ABV
  • Tag line: “This Lager beer has balanced flavors of hops and malt. A hint of barley lingers on the clean, smooth finish.”

With a name like “Big Flats,” it’s gotta be good. Or…? Shit, it’s like I’m not even trying. Or the brewers/marketers aren’t. Or both. Is the name bestowed with a wink? As in,”I don’t give a big, flat fuck how warm the beers in the cooler are, Ricky With Your Goddamn Pontoon Boat that Your Stepfather Gave You, I swear to Christ I will finish all of them before we hit the No Wake Zone.”

So shall you.

$2.99 per six pack, available at your local Walgreens and other fine…. No, just Walgreens.

Well? And?

“Walgreens’ 50-cent beer“: put-down or come on?

First sniff:

  • Off-notes of sour malt liquor at first, disappears quickly 
  • Slight white wine/grape aroma
  • Finishes pretty cleanly, with surprising little aftertaste

First swaller and subsequent drinking:

  • Despite the tag line, I taste more rice than barley, and I get a trace of hops. Weak trace.
  • Where the tag line gets it right: clean, smooth finish, all the way. It’s like a ghost. Gone.


Keep them super cold and super cheap and I could see myself spending a bright, springtime afternoon on the Big Flats.

What the beer lacks in pronounced flavor, it makes up for in non-offensive drinkability (as opposed to the offensive kind, where the beer is total crap, but you’ll force it down because you didn’t pay) and sheer cheapness. That’s just say it’s not High Life or Hamm’s. Or Genessee.

Drink up.

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