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The Entertation Index: May 20

May 20, 2013
I am an artist, dammit!  Take me seriously!

I am an artist, dammit! Take me seriously!

Bieber, Justin – The pop singer was recently booed at the Billboard Music Awards, and responded by saying that he is no flash in the pan: “This is not a gimmick.  I’m an artist and I should be taken seriously.”  Sure, why not.  McNuggets are also technically considered “food.”

Link: Bieber Booed (Huffington Post)

Furlong, Edward – The Terminator 2 actor has been arrested for violating a restraining order filed by an ex-girlfriend.  Furlong has also had such orders filed by an ex-wife and other ex-girlfriends—and has been arrested for violating some of those orders—proving that, unlike Skynet, he does not learn at a geometric rate.

Link: Furlong Arrested (E! Online)

Miguel – The singer made an impression at yesterday’s Billboard Music Awards by miscalculating a jump and landing on two audience members.  The fans didn’t think anything of it, and just figured that’s how they’re supposed to feel after listening to “Adorn.”

Link: Miguel Falls (Billboard)

Robsten – Actors Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart have reportedly called off their relationship, again.  Twilight fans, take heart, though—they will be willing to get back together if need be to drum up press for any upcoming projects.

Link: Robsten Off Again (Us Magazine)

Stodden, Courtney – Teen reality TV star and child bride Stodden admitted last week that she made a sex tape.  Since Stodden has so far existed only to create and promote her a media persona, it would be more surprising if she didn’t have a sex tape.

Link: Stodden Sex Tape (Examiner)

Watson, Emma – The 23-year-old Harry Potter actress says she was in no rush to get to adulthood: “[I] never wanted to grow up too fast: I wanted to wear a sportsbra until I was 22!”  This is in contrast to a lot of her fans, who have wanted her not to wear anything immediately after she was 18.

Link: Watson Young (W Magazine)

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